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the rapid rise of the Internet in China, leading to net in the various industries, from online shopping to the Internet banking, online car buying industries seem as long as it is good online mode, none successful. But when it comes to online purchases, you have to talk about online car loans, auto loans to online development, Rob the traditional model of car loan market, really win success, consumers ' favour it?

according to loan small learned from the investigation in Fuzhou, the proliferation of online lending platform, allow people to microcredit demand appears to be very easy, almost all banks not to lend to find financing from the online lending platform. This professional auto finance online platform, as part of a business, if we can let all the car needs of consumers, easy access to car loans money for it.

Baidu search car loans, a wide variety of fast for car loans business advertising dazzling, low threshold, unsecured, fast loans can be seen everywhere. And when you really get in touch with them, you will find that not all online car loans, are able to as you wish. User experience, in some brands of dedicated financial website, want to apply for the brand's mortgage car loans, need to provide lengthy personal material, some qualifications do not meet the requirements needed to provide mortgage guarantees.

on the Web application, there will be a review period of the financial institution, until a condition is met will receive follow-up contact to the local car dealers, if all went well the next real loan purchase process and follow-up matters it is not known what the experience will be, because customers would have no patience and energy to continue negotiations. This complex process than traditional bank auto loans, strict and lengthy audits, preferential loans for almost, it is difficult to reflect the advantages of car loan on the line.

this editor believes that some brands auto financing online business, should more be gimmicks, this is also conform to the trend of the time initiative, can be used to practice, still want to see the reaction of the market and consumer acceptance, as well as the operability of the related business. But some professional line of car loan business of financial institutions, as well as consumer loans lending platform on the P2P network seems to be doing well, from the consumer's point of view, how to facilitate fast through the loan process, access to loan finance is the most important.

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