Adjust the used car credit needs and information mechanisms for market development

from increased vehicle ownership in China, as well as the rapid rise of demand for car replacement, is expected in the industry in recent years will be auto market broke out moments, the new car market and the market will have to expand the scale of space. Especially in the used car market helped by replacement demand, used car sales and auto finance credit demand, overall growth will occur. How to balance development as used car credit demand caused by the growth of trade, reduce the current gap between credit products and customer needs, as the market focus on the development of the subject.

domestic car demand had now several characteristics of car loan channel basic orientation in commercial banks, auto finance companies and third party financial platform. From the perspective of buyers on the accepted use of bank credit and credit card accounts for most, followed by auto finance companies lending channels, is the main sources of credit used car trading, was again third party Internet financial channels, as well as developed in recent years.

several sources of credit each has its own advantages and characteristics and also has certain consumer positioning, competitive in the areas relevant to loan. Seen from the change in consumer demand for car loans, the borrower's credit there has been further improved, consumers expect credit lines more often than actual financial institution lending, and this is particularly evident in the used car loan. Secondly, in the case of Bank car loan is not an option, consumers prefer other lending rates of financial institutions, can match the rate of interest to the Bank.

through these changing demands for auto loans, used car market, used car loan product follow up is very important, to grasp the characteristics of the current consumer demand, financial institutions risk control conditions are met at the same time, appropriate adjustments to the motor vehicle credit standards, drive more car buyers demand. Financial development of the Internet has now started development in automotive sales, whether there is an updated model of vehicle credit to meet the market demand as yet unknown, but in the development of the used-car market still has many problems to resolve, and we look forward to a more comprehensive used car market.

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