Online staging car to break the traditional model of vehicle credit

when we can not only buy cars through the network, staging cars more credit via the Internet, the traditional model of auto sales and auto finance, whether it is Internet auto financing Subversion. Just last week, Ali online products combined automaker introduced a new line of car models, not only can enjoy the network of value-added benefits of car, credit installment loans can use their Internet purchases.

in the long-term development of the group in various Internet business, accumulated a large amount of customer information data, which is the basis of staging car Ali merchant to be able to launch, and this pattern of credit for consumers, has a low threshold of attractiveness. Cooperation according to the relevant dealer said that the current staging car still in the trial stage, relative to the traditional channels of financing for car purchases, staging more innovative Internet loan threshold low. If we can continue, will inevitably respond with financial impact for a long time.

increase online sales channel for auto makers is good for nature, which will give them more sales, formed after a certain size will also increase consumer relationship with e-commerce platform, the traditional auto finance business will be developed on the lines of credit business flow. Currently involved in the car business online platform staging car brand has a number, including some of the more well-known brands, to deposit modes determine the purchase intent, under the final line delivered with the car.

by car loans car loans auto finance companies and commercial banks to buy a car, there is a certain percentage of down payment on a car loan, usually in the car full of 30%, and now Ali staging a car down payment accounted for 20% of car, for some consumers, this has a certain appeal. In the examination and approval procedures or complex requirements on the materials, more based on online consumer data to determine the credit limit of a customer. If the credit is not enough, can also balance the treasure within the capital guarantee, increase credit lines to meet consumer demand.

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