Local used cars city a virtual index helped to develop

along with the increased urban vehicle, occurred in many areas of traffic overwhelmed, serious pollution of the city's growing traffic congestion. On the introduction of vehicle restriction limiting in many areas, and reduction measures, the main goal is to slow the vehicle on the road congestion and reducing vehicle exhaust emissions to reduce pollution. While improving vehicle emission standards according to standard road, substandard vehicles substantially are limited in time, that no small impact on the flow of used cars.

secured loan network information, was introduced to many in the licensing policy of city, used car sellers also had problems for vehicle acquisition. A case study of Hangzhou, has just imposed a licensing policy limits of Hangzhou, license plate by a lottery bid, the owner gets the license plate before they get a license plate targets. This for personal owners for is normal of operation program, but put to used cars manufacturers body seems to on not has can operation sex has, used cars business because involves used cars of acquisition problem, so hand Shang must holds more car or bulk of used cars, if all are to first made incremental index to will acquisition of used cars transfer to company name, so on said so a large of used cars are to participation shake, and bidding.

this mode of operation is clearly not suitable for used car dealer, to solve this problem, Hangzhou has been studying related solutions in the form of virtual increase to meet the demand of used car dealer account used car flow. Have increased demand for a used car dealer, give a certain amount of virtual indexes used car dealer can use virtual indexes will buy used car transfer to the company name, so not eligible vehicles driven on the road, that is developed just to transfer.

these virtual target vehicles, after being purchased by a customer, transfers to the customer with a real index license plates, on normal roads. From the market development demand, neither the cars indicators will not affect the normal car loan applications and improves the transactions of used cars.




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