Banks with auto financing development focused on market demand

China's growing auto finance received a lot of attention, research report also predicted that China's automobile market will be an even greater growth in recent years, car consumer financial breakthrough liuqianduogeyi no problem. Not to mention these studies predict whether true and documented, one from the current market demand, we do have a lot of room for growth, development is not only the Bank's interest in the market, is more private finance companies and areas where financial institutions are competing with each other on the Internet.

rapid growth of urban vehicles, causing urban traffic load, but also lead to constraints on the implementation of a policy. From both a control based on the number of cars, and from an environmental point of view, China's auto sales market is indeed a great shift, people's consumption level increases, the rapid economic development has laid the Foundation for the purchase of cars. However, compared with developed countries, domestic auto holding ratio still has room to rise, by car loans car crowd is also much lower than in developed countries, that is to say domestic auto market and auto finance and economic, have not yet developed to a mature stage, the market potential is huge.

home loan car free commercial car loans, credit cards and auto finance company loans in phases, they all have their own strengths and advantages, are able to find their own place in the auto finance market and consumption levels. Staging can only provide credit to the cardholder such as credit card services, and models as well as credit limits, Bank mortgage car loans have lower interest rates and high limit choices, auto finance companies would not have to be brand limited.

but now loans there are many channels, consumer choice has a lot of freedom. Through on loan car consumers of observation research analysis, commercial banks car financial service has formed industry chain mode, Bank mining of just car who, they also fancy whole car industry chain Shang of all industry, car manufacturers of needs, and car spare parts sale Hou maintenance suppliers of needs and so on, full diversified multi-channel of financing loan service has appeared, compared Yu other of financing channel, all enterprise also is more favored commercial banks service of.


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