Purchase whole agents beware of loan traps

loans to car buyers in the modern life is already a more popular choice for on the qualities of trust and the manufacturers of vehicles, most people will choose to buy cars through auto 4S shop. And because auto 4S shop automotive repair, sale and other service advantages that are primarily, people are happy to 4S shop to buy a car, and many car brands 4S shop also has a comprehensive one-stop purchase service, makes many consumers feel very convenient.

but there are some bad business or bad staff, to handle all kinds of car handling when fraud kengmeng customers not only discredit for the entire brand, is to let the customer to lose trust in the 4S shop. Secured loan small addendum to say today, is a mortgage car loans car consumers, found their original loan term, without the knowledge of their cases was tampered by staff, and it all comes from automobile 4S shop provides the service.

4S car shops are often some problems, has made several buyers psychological preparedness, today in the case of Ms Shaw was afraid she cheated in the purchase, especially in front of a car tutorial-related knowledge and attention to detail. However, Ms Shaw didn't think of, their car is a problem, such as bundling, forcing insurance and is not, but the car loan contract hit staff modified, is not what was originally agreed.

Ms Shaw related issues in accordance with normal procedures for the purchase of finished, found links to loan, mortgage car loans on their application has been changed by the original two-year to three-year, loan term changes will result in additional costs, the purchase cost is Ms Shaw could not accept. And modify the car loan contract in the period, 4S shop staff not inform MS Access to Ms Shaw's Shaw agreed, which is unacceptable to the Ms Shaw.

4S car shops full responsible for the purchasing procedure, after the disputes arise, although after mediation has been resolved, but food for thought is that we 4S shop service, convenience and customer is really possible to flag it? but many instead of fraud using service behaviors.

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