Moving policy step block limit second-hand car circulation development

in the used car market is constantly growing in the country, used car policy and constantly improve the supply and demand in the fast-growing industry, but lag in building urban roads lead to car restriction policies, greatly restricting the flow of used cars. For local city control of the number of vehicles on the ground, as well as to relieve the pressure of urban traffic, many cities had developed tough used car limit relocation policy, cross-regional used-car deals in an awkward position, used car offsite sales stalled.

Fuzhou guarantees small believes that car restrictions against escalating relocation policy, form great deals to consumers not only hinder, was intercepted more than used car dealer used car market dealings. Cannot move into the cost increases, are obstacles to increased cost control used cars Sales used car sales, in particular, some also have value don't have to scrap vehicles, due to the price there is a market demand. Increase moving threshold, however, many areas of need such that vehicles are no longer allowed to enter, and another city limited demand, hidden in second-hand car circulation channel narrows, trading will certainly be affected.

all kinds of restrictions on vehicle policies, was affected by the severe effects of environmental pollution, is the influence of urban traffic pressure. And the restrictions being expanded nationwide, more and more cities move enter limit limit limit limit auto loans. Under the chain effects, when the country appeared limited after the move, so we used-car market will be confined to local development, having a full flow of used car sales go hard.

current used-car market, there is a great potential for development, compared with some developed countries used-car market, there is still a high-growth space. Used car sales suffered, and indirect impact on new car purchases, a lot of replacement needs of consumers, because the old cars to raise chose to abandon the purchase.

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