Frequent cases of second-hand loans

loan information, Fuzhou, recent used car trade in some areas, frequent cases of false fraud using the sale of used cars through some loopholes in management of a security company and small loan companies, obtaining credit funds. Police repeatedly hit, has successfully captured several criminals in partnership in Shandong province.

the investigation found that, that some criminals using false personal information, falsification of financial proof of personal credit to banks or microfinance companies to apply for a car loan. Usually composed of several people commit crimes, after selecting the start of high-end vehicles, deceive the social ease personnel approach, several people play different roles, in the used car market, low prices found a buyer in the sales channels such as mortgage through mortgage car loans propose a variety of high-end vehicles, selling directly to the other person.

profit is immediately sold vehicles to resell, and those to be taken in hiring social idle staff person who is carrying a car loan, a lot of people get a bank car loans past due notice, and they knew that they were using, racked up huge debts because of the munchies. So because not only help criminals to defraud, you also need to take on false premises, or proof of income, liability for obtaining bank loans.

from which we can also see that outlaws fraud using false information must be found loan institutions to lend some of the holes. Many times borrowers ' credit quality is not enough qualification can improve with security companies or mortgage, auditing for the qualification information and personal credit review, whether a review in accordance with the corresponding provisions in place, still want to see specific industry standards and professionalism.


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