Used cars city dock effect P2P platform

used car market after several rounds of reform, and various industry standards and regulatory systems are being improved gradually, model of the used-car market is becoming more mature. In the second-hand car trade process, long plagued people used car loan, also in step by exploring the best channels. Hand one after another after the microfinance institutions and intermediaries, P2P networks, vision, platform into the used-car loan, and combined mode of co-operation, but also for the used car market has brought different.

in the used car market chain, P2P platforms can play to its own advantages in the field of, not only for dealers to provide stable funding to support, better able to provide safe and reliable cars for used car consumer credit services. As the used-car market with quality lending and assume joint and several liability, joint cooperation is complementarity of cost and advantages of both sides.

Wei Ji Jin Zheng Qiang, Director of the market said its platform integrates the private auto lenders, used cars and some associated with the Internet seems less traditional enterprises, form a innovation of investment and financing services for cars-O2O Internet financial model. Which used cars as a fallback, specialize in repossession and disposal of vehicles, operating independently, after all, used car line often receive mortgage business.

combining the market lending platform for P2P network also offers specialized short-term loans in order to meet the financing needs of automotive consumers, borrowers under the platform audited access to loan financing on vehicle as a pledge. When borrowers default on its loans, and the used car loan market to pledge vehicles took the responsibility of the delegate. But whether the pledge will be repeated for vehicles used to borrowing, analysts say it is difficult to fundamentally defensive risks, but through inquiries and investigations of mortgage registration vehicles have been means to fraud.

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