Attention to environmentally friendly new energy vehicles can enjoy more preferential loans

automotive Holdings continues to increase, so that the whole auto market more active, but because it increases the burden of the city and presses the implementation of more stringent standards and restrictions. To promote the normal development of the market, the State has introduced a series of preferential car policy car loan support, while actively developing the times demand for new vehicles to meet growing demand for cars as well as environmental requirements.

we all know that in addition to concern about a car loan to buy a car, and also the car-related expenses, such as car insurance, all driving fees as well as the use of gas. Gasoline price has long been the owners are very concerned about any little fluctuation in oil prices caused a commotion of many owners, and the State is also actively developing new and more advanced energy, it is not only the needs of environmental protection and energy needs. And in order to promote the popularization of new energy vehicles, implementation of a number of very affordable car activities not only benefit buy an ordinary car can apply for loan interest rate discounts, can have different kinds of purchase subsidy.

Fuzhou loans made from an automobile 4S shop understands that new energy listed car loan now and fuel the same way, the life of the loan there are a number of options, check there is no additional special requirements. And many brand new energy vehicles and subsidies for car purchases also manufacturers can enjoy customer interest subsidies for loans to buy a car to offer concessions. Promotion of new energy vehicles, and sales are not only respected by automobile manufacturers, is actively helping.

so regardless of is in car financial subsidies policy Shang, also is car manufacturers itself, on customer of offers efforts are is big, with various different type new energy car of listed, in established enterprise reputation, and brand of while, to directly purchase offers of way upgrade user feel, participation car market competition preemption market share, is the big car financial institutions further expanded market of a good channel.


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