Cars began to focus on financial leasing market

now some well-known brand car manufacturers, should not only focus on new car sales, used car market penetration to expand, more car rental are also to take into account market demand. Along with the improvement of the domestic car market Auto Finance began to receive attention, largely through preferential car loans, subsidies and other ways of marketing tools, for the diversified market needs to provide better services.

according to the Fuzhou security information, many brand automobile manufacturers began to increase market share in car rental mode, with individualized high-end auto leasing services to win the market. Car leasing typically requires consumers to pay only part of the deposit as well as car rental, will be able to achieve the aspirations of a car, catch up on all the rent at the end of the lease term the consumer will have the ownership of the vehicle, similar to the low economic burden of staging car.

this type of leasing cars for sale model are more flexible and can be customized to provide consumers with a personalized financial and credit programmes, and ensuring that formal channels, as well as licensing, insurance and other services are provided on a car agency. With the traditional commercial car loans, financial companies, such as car loans and consumer credit business, leasing patterns can provide consumers with more benefits and convenience.

with rent for sale model in foreign countries has been more widely used and more users would choose a replacement after the end of the lease better vehicles, although this result is not absolute but is the choice of most people. Compared with the real vehicle rental, leasing lease period longer, customers select more makes and models of vehicles involved more extensive. This model can also be applied to some companies, compared with enterprises ' direct vehicle procurement, leasing has more benefits.


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