Automotive trade financial loan allocation is important

market competition, whether it is for domestic sales and exports to foreign countries, there is always a lot of difficulties in the distribution chain is waiting for car dealers to face. There is a very important aspect in auto sales, consumer spending power, this is the problem to be faced both domestic sales and overseas sales. Compared to the domestic car market, foreign buyers bought more cars through car loan to buy a car, used car loans have a much higher rate than domestic.

when domestic brand cars sold in other countries, however, there is no support from domestic financial institutions, often are squeezed and obstacles to sales to banks if not given a proper loan down payment ratio, then prospects for automobile dealers, sales would have been very difficult. For example in has Nissan car and Europe car competition of situation Xia, local bank for familiar of brand will meet low first fubi of loan needs, and for is open market situation of China car, Bank on is may not approved down payment only a 20% of loan, car who need paid three or four into even more high of car loan down payment, face such of difference treatment, consumers is obviously on can made select, who also not willing to than others paid of first fugao not.

this kind of car sales, the shortage of financial support services in the leasing process, is the current domestic brand auto market one of the most important factors is overseas car sales development bottleneck. No relevant financial institutions purchase financial services support, sales in overseas market is difficult to break, and significant decline in auto exports.

domestic brand cars for global markets is a new brand, the brand reputation, and trust requires a number of accumulation, quality of products recognized the availability of foreign financial institutions, as well as users of all ages played a decisive role. As a financial institution, guaranteed loan risk on the premise that customers trust and credit, product user not recognized it is very difficult to get credit.


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