Attention to personal credit to avoid loan dispute

buying a House, buying cars and other big-ticket such consumption, because the required payment amount is too large, the majority of people cannot be a one-time payment in full, so choose by way of loan consumer is very common. This one has some consumers have enough financial capacity, but for some reason, or in the case of cash-strapped, still choose the type of loan payments, they have enough faith in their own income and credit, saying that even if lending is a very easy thing. We cannot ignore, however, is, usually for some details do not focus on, not on personal credit at critical times it can easily lead to disputes over credit.

here is a case of Fuzhou security net users to provide, should alert consumers and cultivation of awareness of personal good credit. Mr Wang's recent demand to buy cars, and by nearly half a month of market and spy, and finally decides on a 4S shop, he saw a Mercedes-Benz brand cars, 4S shop salesman got very warm welcome to Mr Wang, and skilled service the perfect operation for Wang cars. When you finalize payment, King found that cash is not enough for the full payment, instead, consider mortgage car loan payment.

readily to Mr Wang's credit quality sales personnel, agents and will not be a problem for Mr King, so the two sides are agreed and delivered 30,000 yuan deposit. However, follow-up and not as smooth, apply for a car loan in the process, because his credit card there late, and there is a large amount of overdrafts, no credit approval by financial institutions shall not obtain car loans.

this trouble arose because car loans denied Wang car trading was hampered, and after a period of negotiation is not finally resolved, 4S shop Mercedes-Benz cars will be resold to other customers. Stalled car loans are for the King's personal credit issues upfront deposit also 4S shop refused to refund, which made Wang feel very depressed.

4S shop according to the normal procedures, sales there is no fault, transactions could not be completed due to customer credit problems, so has formed to buy the deposit cannot be refunded, the buyer defaults.

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